Design Build/EPC Services

EPC Construction Services.

SCS is one of the leading service providers in the industry. We specialize in contracting for a wide range of systems:

c Complete Boiler & Turbine Systems

– Air Handling Systems:
Centrifugal Fans, Duct Systems,
Dampers, Expansion Joints,
Dust Collectors, Air Heaters.

– Fuel Handling Systems:
Fuel Feed Conveyors, Reclaimers,
Metering Bins.

– Ash Handling Systems:
Conveyors, Ash Unloaders,
Rotary Airlock Feeders, Double
Dump Valves, Ash Storage

Project Design and Build Services.


We specialize in a construction and operation basedb
approach to project design. This unique approach allows
us to reduce engineering and field installation time
leading to faster overall project completion.

– Complete System Analysis 

– Design & Engineering

– Component Manufacturing

– Shop Fabrication

– On-site Installation

– Field Services: Repairs, Upgrades, Maintenance, Scheduled Shutdowns & Operations.